About Us

Signage and wall art have always been a passion - I distinctly remember taking orders at school for custom name signs for my classmates' lockers in junior high school.  I would sit up all night on the floor of my bedroom with a box of half dried-up markers and glitter glue designing and hand-drawing graphics with a name overlay for my friends.  I have carried that passion throughout the years, hand painting signs for my own home, and for friends and family as gifts for special occasions.  

I have refined my tastes, and would say I am naturally drawn to the chic-industrial-boho-vintage-beach vibe with organic textures and colors.  I love the element of imperfection and wear.  Rust, hand hewn, distressed, and the feeling that something has been well-loved and has a "story".  Texture creates character, and character is what makes something unique, rare, and beautiful.

I appreciate your business, and strive to create something special for the people and spaces you love.  ~Kara